Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Driving: What to do if Stranded

1. Stay Calm
2. Stay with your vehicle
3. Avoid fatigue and exposure
4. Run your vehicles engine for short periods of time, 10-15 minutes per hour. Crack windows & ensure exhaust is free of blockage.
5. When using an open flame (Emergency heater or candle), keep windows cracked. Carbon monoxide is a killer.
6. After dark, turn inside dome light on, increasing visibility to rescue crews.
7. Fuel your internal engine to maintain core body temperature. Eat high energy foods, stay hydrated and move (exercise) if needed. Don’t forget to stretch: cold muscles tighten and increase injury risk.
8. Sleep in shifts.
9. Use hazards sparingly.
10. Blast horn in multiples of 3 (the universal distress signal).
11. Improvise: hubcaps make excellent shovels, seat cushions and upholstery can be used as emergency clothing and CD’s can be used as a signaling device.

Stay healthy, mind-body-spirit! -Z